Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On The Edge of the Frenzy

Only eighty minutes left...
and then, I will willingly sacrifice all my free time to its appetite
one word morsel at a time; but I have no plot.

Writer's block is like losing
a staring contest to a gargoyle
I saw one today, behind glass, guarding
someone's second-story patio

Only seventy-four minutes left...
'til I plunge into a non-existant screen reality-
pieces of my mind; but I have no plot.

Pennies fall in this Copper Opera,
scatter as a false Mack grips the handle
of his inky quill, prepared to kill
time between inspirations with tic-tac-toe

Only seventy-one minutes left...
and then begins Script Frenzy
"30 days. 100 pages. April"
I'm in, I guess...but I still have no plot!

Check it out, aspiring playwrights/ graphic novelists:

Prayers for sanity through this writing madness would be much appreciated (: Peace kids! Oh, and happy Holy Week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Can Tell, This Is Going To Be a Terrible Procrastination Tool

I would like to vent, if I may?

Today began well: people were presenting character monolouges, and it was amazing how unique each one was!  There was an Anonymous internet user addicted to the letter 'a', Moses, Superman, a child who did not want to have a bath, a child telling her teddy bear about her new home, the director who won an Oscar this year, a teenage bride in Afghanistan...Though the stage lighting I chose for mine was too top heavy, I portrayed my one armed character almost exactly as I had practiced, though with more pocketed hand.  It'll be great to see the presentations on Wednesday! PS: For those wondering, I am not a drama kid.  I love Drama, and I'd like to be involved in theatre for the rest of my life, but I'm not a drama kid!

The shadow over my day was my unfinished Shakespeare essay.  I meant to work on it last night, but I fell asleep in the study lounge beside my computer and didn't wake up until 7:00.  I ended up skipping a class to work on it.  Shame shame.

I also misplaced a book, which had my student ID in it, and usually I'd be okay with that; but today for some reason it just really grated on me.  It did turn up, as I trusted it would, but the clouds I endured during its absence put a damper on all my creative energy.

Luckily, there was a meeting with my group for our final project in drama tonight, and that cheered me much; we're planning on doing a piece about the growing secular influence in the Church, and there's going to be music!  I've been playing so much piano this year and in front of people, it's crazy! Thanks Mom for all those lessons when I was a kid!

Anyhow, I've had ice cream, music practice time, a trip to the library, a visit to Facebook, and a couple chapters of Middlemarch - I should be good to finish my essay now, right?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beginning of the Blog

Little did I know that today I would be making a blog page of my very own.

I've seen them around: artists, writers, social activists- they all seem to have these blogs. I am only two of these things, though I have been called a Socialist at times by certain people who love Big Brother. I'm also not a proficient speller, so I'm glad this thing has a spell check.  Truely, though, I hope through this page to be able to improve my writing, as well entertain and inform anyone who chances upon it.

Dawn of ART of Humungous Proportions helped me in this page's construction and taught me what widgets are and how to post pictures and all that jazz - we discovered how glitchy this program, or perhaps my computer, can be.

In closing of this introductory post I wish to draw your attention to the picture to your right: and draw your own conclusions about what it means.

Well, thanks for stopping by!