Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peace, Joy, and all that good stuff!

Having spent a few days at home with not much to do, I've had the chance to process the past semester a little bit.  I've concluded that there have been mini-miracles and many challenges to my thinking and way of life up to this point.

As if miracles could come in miniature.  The fact that I got by quite well in my courses while being part of a theatre production, working on one acts and films, actually spending time with friends, and sleeping, is a substantial gift - there's nothing that strengthens my dependence on God more than having a 3000 word essay due in the morning.

Flashmob at the Masque
On set at the airport for "They're Only Words, Love"
Arturo Ui
Church has been something changing also: I've been attending the Project, and thinking about how perceptions of Jesus and ways of worship have changed over the past two thousand years.  It's also been interesting learning about Christian art in the Medieval ages, and how the styles and ways of portraying Christ have grown and been influenced by the cultures of the day.  Having been away from them for a while, a good old Lutheran setting two is kind of nice.

Cast from "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog"
Mom's 50th
Hanging out with friends more has been really really great: the Yellow Door house where I'm living has become a kind of centre for art and random movie nights and sleepovers.  Friends from Arturo Ui and the greater drama community at Concordia have also been a huge encouragement to me this year - walking downtown and meeting Undead people, pretending to be rich Masque attendees (with British accents), going to the art gallery and coffeeshops and Remedy...also been hanging out with Concordia Writer's group!  Amanda and David were convinced I had a secret boyfriend, going out so much!

Sister Time
Christmas at home!
For the next semester: I'm hoping to direct another one act, I'm stage managing for Concordia's production of Harvey, hopefully going to find out what to do with my life...and spending more time for other people too.  It's my last semester! Kind of scary, but also a relief - I think I need a break from school for a while.

May you have a blessed and lovely Christmas with family and friends! <3